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Tanning bed lotions are used to speed up the body’s production of melanin, the pigment in skin. All tanning lotions, after tan moisturizers, and sunless prep products are loaded with the vitamins, nutrients, tattoo protecting, anti-aging and detoxifying ingredients that our skin loses or requires when we’re exposed to the drying sunless solution, UV light or infrared light, and sweat in the bed.


Tanning bed lotions contain an ingredient called Tyrosine, which is the number one ingredient that tans the skin. That’s why not just any lotion will work for a tanning bed and you need lotions specifically formulated for the bed tanning to achieve dark color.

When you go into a tanning bed without lotion, it takes about 7-10 minutes for their skin to start tanning. By using a tanning bed lotion your skin starts to tan within the first 30-60 seconds so essentially tanning lotion is 60% of your tan!

Whether you go into the tanning bed or lay out in the sun, the UV rays are going to need to pull moisture out of something. When you fail to wear tanning lotion, the UV rays will pull moisture from your skin leaving it dry and dehydrated. So when you wear tanning lotion the UV rays will pull the moisture out of the lotion instead of your skin, leaving you skin moisturized still.


All indoor tanning lotions CAN be used for outdoor tanning, however you can NOT tan indoors with outdoor tanning lotions or oils because it strips the acrylic on the tanning beds.

Dehydrating your skin and not using tanning lotion ages your skin 5x FASTER!!!!

Tanners who tan without lotion come in 3x as often!!


Also known as intensifiers and maximizers, these lotions contain only the vitamins and nutrients etc. our skin loses when we are exposed to UV rays and sweat in the bed. They’re white lotions because they DO NOT contain bronzers. They’re sometimes referred to as “step 1” lotions because the no bronzer is good for someone who is just starting out and might be more fair skinned and prone to streaking. They’re also good for anyone who might be allergic to certain bronzers yet work well for any tanner. If you enjoy tanning year round, these lotions are an excellent choice for the winter months to tone down the darkness of your skin tone from the bronzers you used in the spring/summer months. Accelerators are suited for beginner, intermediate or advanced tanners.


Bronzers enhance a tan by making the skin appear darker or tan faster. There are three types of bronzers: Cosmetic, DHA, and Natural Bronzers. Tanning lotions can contain one, two or all three of these bronzers. They are considered “step 2” lotions and are recommended for intermediate tanners, or tanners who have established a base but are looking to get deeper darker color.

            Cosmetic Bronzers: When you think of cosmetic bronzers just think “makeup” because it has the same concept. Cosmetic bronzers give immediate and temporary results with cosmetic color and usually rinses off completely after one shower.

            DHA Bronzers: DHA stands for Dihydroxyacetone which is the main ingredient in all spray tanning solutions. DHA bronzers can also be referred to as, “white” or “translucent” bronzers meaning they are in the lotion, just not visible to the eye like cosmetic bronzers. This bronzer produces color results within 4 hours and typically last about 7 days. It's advised to tanners who use lotions with DHA bronzers not to shower right after a tanning session because your lotion can continue to develop color up to 4 hours after your tanning session.

            Natural Bronzers: These bronzers utilize natural tanning ingredients that stain the skin such as caramel, henna, black walnut etc. These bronzers are streak/cosmetic free.


Tingle products increase the skin cell’s microcirculation and oxygenation to produce deep, dark tanning results making it the #1 most effective form of tanning lotion. Tingles are for advanced tanners and are not recommended for beginning tanners or individuals with sensitive skin.
   Although many lotion manufacturers are reluctant to disclose the secret of their tingle ingredients most tingle lotions get their “tingle” factor from ingredients like nicotinate, capsaicin, capsicum, niacin, vitamins, and spices like nutmeg and cayenne pepper. 
    Typically using a tingle lotion will help you break a tanning plateau (when you feel as if you haven't been getting any darker.) Any intermediate tanner can be introduced slowly to tingle lotions by mixing the tingle with a bronzer. Diluting the tingle some makes it less intense. Tingle lotions should NOT be used for outdoor tanning. Reddening of the skin is normal with tingle lotions and will go away after about 30-45 minutes after the tanning session. 
    Some “side effects” of tingle lotions can be a burning sensation, sometimes blotchiness can occur, which will subside after a few hours. These side effects are rare but completely normal. If they occur,  go home and shower using cool or warm water. 


  • Touching any infants, children, or pets should be avoided until after a shower because the tingle ingredients can still transfer to others even several hours after the lotion has been applied.

  • You should NOT put tingle lotions on the face or other sensitive areas!

  • Hot water will reactivate the tingle lotion so when showering rinse with warm water before using hot water.

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